A store who's more than just a clothes shop


T-MICHAEL is a trained bespoke Tailor and designer based in the west coast city of Norway, Bergen. Born in Ghanaian and has for the last 20 years done what he likes best; merging the universes of bespoke tailoring and ready to wear to create his collection of suits, shirts, bags, shoes, scarves and cufflinks.

A man full of passion, ambition and creativity. His creations is incredibly fantastic and his store is more than just a standard clothes shop. And when is coming to his last shoes collection "I love it".

Together with her partner Alexander Helle they've revamped rainwear with a distinct sartorial approach, carefully blending hints of Japanese sensitivity without compromising on functionality.

Are you planning to visit Bergen or Oslo? If yes! I will recommend you to visit his store. 


Dressing is a way of life

S E R I E S 3

A look by Saint Laurent Paris.(Yves Saint Laurent)

Fashions fade, style is eternal.


The Saint Laurent looks on stage or in the streets has always been a global trend look into the world of fashion over the years.

So yes, dressing is a way of life or at least that's the way I feel it. For me, after having been so often in Paris “dressed in Yves Saint Laurent is the best I could wear” .


Bergen, Norway



Clothes and shoes / Saint Laurent Paris (Fall-Winter 16)
Accessory / Mulberry