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Meet Tove Grane, the founder and designer of We Norwegians. She has worked in the Norwegian fashion industry for 20 years, with different Norwegian companies, before settling in Voss in 2010. Tove was born and raised in Sogn og Fjordane, which is situated in western Norway. She have a daughter and two bonus kids, and married to another fashion business man. 




We Norwegians came about after the brand her was working for in Voss, closed down. After a while she decided, that she wanted to create her own brand, since getting a new job as a designer was impossible, while still living in Voss. She had an idea about merging together her experiences from sport and fashion, and making a brand based on merino wool, comfort and style - In a contemporary setting.

I have been working with knits and wool for a long time, but after I started working for a sports brand, I really got into the technical features of merino wool. I think that merino wool is the best fiber man can wear: It's bio degradable, it's anti bacterial (which means you don't stink in it, even if you sweat), it's anti flammable, it's more breathable than any other fiber, it's temperature regulating, which means it keeps you warm when it's cold, and cools you off when it's warm. It's a marvel of nature!

I am very impressed that you also live in Voss, Why Voss?

Voss is a great place for kids to grow up. We are surrounded by farms and amazing nature. For me, this is the ideal place to be! I love our view from our house - Which I don't think I can live without. I think that living in a place like this, keeps you grounded. And reminds you about what's important, and what's not important…

I see that you are often in United States, special in California. Why this love for California?

My sister lives in California, and she will most likely stay there. She is married and have two amazing kids, so we try to visit them as often as we can. I love the climate and the lifestyle there, but I couldn't live there full time. For me, home is Norway. I need the change of seasons and the clean nature. Business wise, we focus on sales in the US, because they are quite similar to us, especially in the northern areas of the States. - But in a much larger scale than Norway. So, if I want to make a small collection, with a speciality in merino wool, I need to spread out on a larger area than Norway, if I want to reach volumes.

You are of course a busy women, But what are you doing when you are not working?

When I'm not working, I spend time with my family... I'm a soccer mum. Other than that, I love to cook, I read a lot and I love to travel.

If you can only give me one tip on what is your perfect outfit, what would it be?

Athleisure is what everyone is talking about now, and comfort and smart dressing fits perfectly into We Norwegians image and design philosophy. If I should dress up a guy in an outfit from We Norwegians I would put him in a heather grey pair of our Bjørke Pants (Available from Fall 16), a crisp white shirt, layered with our black BaseTwo Hoodie. I would style it with a pair of white leather sneakers and a cool back pack - And top it off with a luxury scarf from We Norwegians. In this outfit you would look cool enough for any hip café, and comfortable enough for riding your bike!

Is there any trend we should look forward to this spring/summer (when is come to your next collection?)

We Norwegians try to experiment with merino wool and try out new knitting methods. This Spring, we have released a piqué knit and made a polo for men and women, plus a dress. It's really the most comfortable fabric I have ever put on! Plus it looks very nice! If you're going to bring 1 dress on vacation, this dress is it! Other than that, my over all statement with the Spring/Summer collection is nautical: It's classic, it's stylish and it will never go out of style!


“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”

From Coco Chanel to Tove Grane is simplicity the keynote of all true elegance. Specially when it comes to her sales meeting or to show the next collection for Agent. Here is a piece of her new collection — Kaien Crew Neck Tee BWhite/Navy.  I would recommend you to check the last collection from We Norwegians, or to visit her store at Stallgata in Voss. If you have the opportunity to visit Voss.



Music And

Over the years has fashion and music go hand in hand, and the flow of inspiration goes both ways. Musicians are dressed by designers who are in turn inspired by the stars of the stage… and sooner or later, the looks sported by pop and rock stars always make their way into mainstream fashion.


WHO, Mr Bendik Finborud 

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Photography Paul Marcel Malemo

WHERE, Norway, Voss, Finborud Residence



The Oslo vibes


This happened at dronningens gate in Oslo. I was wearing an exclusive piece of collection from G-STAR RAW, which is both modern and functional casualwear for a great look. With a hat from SAMSØE.


Oslo was the first place I have been visiting this month. The city is the most populous in Norway, with a lot of varied number of cultural attractions. — If you have never been in Oslo, I would recommend you to travel there.

Photography Minn Saung Thit.



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Illustrations by Mr Paul M. Malemo

Home for the Holidays


We are all probably traveling or on the road for the year-end celebration. Festive travellers among you will no doubt be pondering the question of " how to look nice and stylish" while sitting in a car or on a plane flying across the country to see loved ones. But when it comes to how should we look nice and stylish or what should we wear, when we will meeting our family or friends. This issue are always current when we draw near to december.


Wherever you are... Dressed in a suit may be the usual outfit by the most of us men. Especially in the scandinavia. A Suit from Frislid, Tiger of Sweden or Moods of Norway are quite elegant to look chic. All you need is just to look simple, with a touch of poetry to your suit.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
— Leonardo da Vinci


WHO, Bendik Finborud and Einar Tungesvik Helleve


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